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YES Adds a New Timesheet Tracking Feature

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From the start, the goal of Digicon’s YES web application has been to automate and streamline processes for youth employment programs across the nation. Our team continues to develop ways to further advance YES’s functions and the benefits the system provides. We recently added a timesheet tracking feature to automate the timekeeping processes of youth employees, with an approval workflow that goes from work supervisors up to program administrators.

No More Paper Timesheets

Based on our research and current experience with customers, many youth employment programs use cumbersome processes with multiple applications involved. Submission steps may include printing paper timesheets, scanning the filled sheets, and emailing files up the approvals chain. Manually printing, filling, and submitting timesheets creates issues with organization and tracking: the important information in these papers ends up separated in a number of email chains each pay period, with the individual files needing to be stored physically and/or digitally. YES’s timesheet process is automated so that documents don’t need to be emailed back and forth. Approvals at each level trigger the system to prompt the next person in the workflow to continue the process, all the way until the timesheet receives its final stamp of approval.

YES’s timesheet approval process

An Interactive System

Digicon’s YES timesheet tracking software is a modern solution designed to facilitate communication among those involved in the approval process flow. If a timesheet is rejected and needs revision, personnel can leave comments to explain what is incorrect or needs to be clarified. Automated emails from the system communicate these comments and any status changes at every level of the process flow. Individuals involved in the approval process flow are also able to log in and access timesheets from both current and previous time periods.

Data Security for Peace of Mind

YES already includes built-in security features to protect the private information of minors and other participants in youth programs. A manual timesheet process that mixes physical paperwork with digital submission risks security breaches at multiple points—paper timesheets can be misplaced or not disposed properly, and scanned information passes through multiple email accounts from both worksites and the youth program itself. YES stores and protects youth, worksite, and program data in one place.

YES is purpose-built to enhance the registration and matching processes of youth employment programs. Now, with the new timesheet feature, Digicon’s YES goes even further to support youth-focused organizations. If you’d like to improve your program’s efficiency and organization with YES, please contact us for a free consultation!

Digicon also holds regular lunch and learn sessions with small business and youth program representatives about YES and other offerings. Sign up for the next lunch & learn at this link to get details and receive the meeting link.

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