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How Digicon Protects Your Virtual Presence™ 24/7

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Last time, we spoke about Why Your Virtual Presence™ is Instrumental to Your Business.

Today, we’re further discussing one aspect of Virtual Presence and how it allows Digicon to serve any business remotely: our 24/7/365 help desk. Our help desk is staffed by Microsoft- and Amazon Web Services-certified technicians who help you anticipate and prevent IT problems, as well as resolve any issues that may arise. They are available to answer your questions or notify you of identified concerns at any time, via email or phone.

What are these technicians doing during all that time? They’re keeping a sharp eye on the functionality of your business’s IT systems, from network availability to security alerts. For example, they know when a new security patch is available for software or operating systems, and they’ll take care of installing those patches on a schedule that minimizes the effect on your work time. With our help desk keeping track of these kinds of details, you don’t need to worry about your Virtual Presence on top of your business’s day-to-day operations. Our 24/7 help desk monitoring allows us to guard your network at all times.

24/7 help desk monitoringOur help desk staff is also always available to answer and assist with any inquiries that come from you and your employees. Maybe a piece of software crashed on one of your computers; just call Digicon’s help desk, and we’ll be able to guide you through the process of getting it up and running. If any issue requires further investigation before it can be resolved, our team starts digging to get that information to you. We also have highly experienced engineers who can take on escalated issues that are more complicated. Support from our help desk covers industry-standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, virtual private networks (VPNs), Microsoft Windows, and Office 365, as well as laptop and desktop support.

Digicon’s .office Live web conferencing

Do you prefer visual/face-to-face conversations when you need help? Sign up for Digicon’s .office Live web conferencing to communicate remotely with us. Our web conferencing system doesn’t require any software downloads, which makes it simpler and more secure to conduct remote consultations. In addition to connecting with us at Digicon, use .office Live for virtual discussions with clients, employees, and business peers. The features include easy document sharing, screensharing, multi-user whiteboard, and meeting recordings, all of which make it simple to hold efficient meetings that can be accessed and replayed again at a later time. What .office Live doesn’t include is fluff features like screen filters that other services have, known to cause confusion in a professional setting.

With our remote lifestyle of work, Digicon can help you simplify your Virtual Presence needs with uninterrupted, secure, and instant access to desktops and applications as employees work from location to location, device to device, and network to network. Keeping up with your business’s network and IT systems can be even more difficult to manage by yourself when your workforce is fully remote or in a hybrid office/at-home setup. Leave the burden of this work to our highly qualified 24/7/365 help desk and reap the benefits of our expert monitoring services.

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